Mustelid Eskapades


Age: 4 yrs (10/26)

Color: Champagne

Pattern: Mitts

Age: 2 yrs (12/5)

Color: Sable

Pattern: Blaze

"Welcome! We're two ferrets living with two humans and a dog. Let us show you our jaws!"

Thinking about getting a ferret? They're lots of fun but also a lot of work! Read about some of the basics, here.

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My bb wasn’t feeling good a few months ago from a piece of yarn rolling around in her stomach. Luckily it eventually passed through her system without creating a blockage and she’s perfectly healthy now! Our vet was wonderful too; she came in on her day off to see Eska, gave me her home number, and frequently called me till late at night to check in on her. It was really great to have someone who cared so much and be right there for us especially since I was freaking out with worry.

She had to have supplemental feedings (with some antibiotics mixed in) to get her strength back up since she had lost a lot of weight pretty quickly. But she was still super cute during feedings, don’t you think? c:

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