Mustelid Eskapades


Age: 4 yrs (10/26)

Color: Champagne

Pattern: Mitts

Age: 2 yrs (12/5)

Color: Sable

Pattern: Blaze

"Welcome! We're two ferrets who live with mama Wren and papa Demu. They feed us good things and we like to chase their feet. Let us show you our jaws."

Thinking about getting a ferret? They're lots of fun but also a lot of work! Read about some of the basics, here.

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Okay, yeah, it’s true that ferrets can stink. And actually they are related to skunks and they have scent glands and if they are threatened they can spray their odors. BUT BUT BUUUUT if they are taken care of correctly, they hardly smell at all.

First of all, they have two kinds of scent glands: ones by their butts, and ones near their eyes. A descented ferret has the ones near their butt taken out. The ones near the eyes are not able to be safely taken out. This will make the ferret smell much nicer.

Then there’s bath time. A lot of ferret owners make the mistake of giving their ferrets too many baths, thinking that the more the merrier. THIS IS WRONG. A ferrets skin is covered in oils. If you bathe a ferret too much, these oils are stripped from the skin. The ferrets skin is forced to make way more oil, which gives them skin and fur problems, and makes them stink more! A ferret should have no more than one bath a month, and this will keep them smelling better.

Another thing to consider is diet. Higher quality foods tend to make the feces smell better, and more hydrated ferrets tend to have better feces as well. And let’s make something clear: higher quality does NOT mean more expensive, higher quality has to do with the contents of the diet, as well as other nutritional facts. It is VERY important that you check into the ingredients and nutritional facts in your ferrets diet. He re is a page containing more information about picking good ferret food.

Finally, there’s their litter box to consider. The more litterboxes the better, and you should clean them every day to every other day, depending on the amount of litter boxes and the number of ferrets, as well as the diet of the ferrets. The bedding should be cleaned once a day to once a week.

Doing all of the above will keep your ferrets smelling nice, clean, and will keep them happy. The little smell left will be difficult for you to notice at all, and the guests might notice, but only if they put their faces right up to the cage, and even then it will be faint.

 Anyone who complains about the smell of their ferrets is not taking proper care of them. I have two ferrets and they don’t smell at all.

Their beds and blankets were in the wash so instead they slept in a tissue box.

Eska VS Twizzler

She was really going at it before I could get the camera up (of course).


What are you doing?


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Omggg I hope my dog can chill with ferrets like this

It’s a bit of a misleading photo actually. We have to kick our dog out of the room while the ferrets are out or else she’ll be constantly lunging and pouncing at them (in a playful way, but she’s so much larger than them and we don’t want any accidents).

It’s cute when the ferrets pounce and get excited about her wagging tail though.





Mass Effect Ferrets by Amales

Can a group of people just, remake Mass Effect 3 into this. I’d play it then itd be sick.



This is a perfect example why ferret anthros will never work.

Eska goes diving for treasure in the bathtub!

The quality got killed after I uploaded it for some reason, sorry. :c

You guys realize there’s a second water bottle downstairs, right…

All three in the bath!