Mustelid Eskapades


Age: 4 yrs (10/26)

Color: Champagne

Pattern: Mitts

Age: 2 yrs (12/5)

Color: Sable

Pattern: Blaze

"Welcome! We're two ferrets living with two humans and a dog. Let us show you our jaws!"

Thinking about getting a ferret? They're lots of fun but also a lot of work! Read about some of the basics, here.

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Don’t trust this cute face, she poo’d in the bathwater…

- A -

Some cuddles after a bath. <3

Eska needs to get lupron shots since she’s developed adrenal disease, but she takes it like a champ and does so well at the vet!

The Spiral Weasel

Choice pictures of Loki the Party Master.


Exploring the cat tree~

We’re still around! We moved to a new place recently and Eska and Loki are enjoying all the space to run around in.


I just wanna suggest this japanese ferret shop I just found! They have food, supplies, bedding, really cute clothes, charms and stickers.. A bit of everything and it’s all super cute and rad!
I personally have problems finding ferret shops like this so it was a good find, wanted to share it with other owners.

Submitted by horrorriz