Mustelid Eskapades


Age: 4 yrs (10/26)

Color: Champagne

Pattern: Mitts

Age: 2 yrs (12/5)

Color: Sable

Pattern: Blaze

"Welcome! We're two ferrets living with two humans and a dog. Let us show you our jaws!"

Thinking about getting a ferret? They're lots of fun but also a lot of work! Read about some of the basics, here.

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This is a couple months too late, but how did your ferrets handle the move? I ask since I know most pets get stressed out seeing their things moved around, and I'm wondering if there was anything you did to keep your ferrets calm during the move?
eskabean eskabean Said:

They did pretty well! They didn’t care about all the stuff being moved around (just meant more different things to explore, haha) but I did make sure to only move them and pack their cage and things right before we left so they wouldn’t have to stay outside of their comfort zone for longer than they needed to. During the move itself they wrestled and scratched around in the carrier for a bit and then slept the whole drive. :)

If anything our dog was more concerned about all the moving! Two moves later and she seems pretty used to it now though.

Cutie patootie ❤️

Only a ferret would try to store water.




The room has an extra cage in it now, but this is my ferret room. I change it round every Saturday to keep the fuzzers from gettig bored. They have access to the rest of the house too, but this is where most of their toys are.

That looks awesome! Unfortunately my ferrets don’t get to free-roam, but I plan to have a similar setup when I move. :)

I want to do this too!!!



Very good information!

Every ferret can and will age differently. With age, female ferrets tend to mellow out and the males become more laid-back. They become the cuddle bugs we love. 

Don’t get out your hair dye; ferrets don’t mind going gray. These changes are normal and should be expected.   

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Don’t trust this cute face, she poo’d in the bathwater…

- A -

Some cuddles after a bath. <3

Eska needs to get lupron shots since she’s developed adrenal disease, but she takes it like a champ and does so well at the vet!

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